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Breast Feeding Positions

The best breast feeding position is the one that is comfortable and effective for you and baby. The most common positions are:

The best breast feeding position


Baby lies on your lap, tummy to tummy with you. His face and knees should be close in and facing you. Baby’s head fits in the bend of your elbow with his mouth directly in front of your nipple. Baby’s lower arm can tuck around you to keep it out of the way. There should be a straight line from the ear to shoulder to hip.


The best breast feeding position 1


Baby lies along your side. Her head will be in the palm of your hand on the same side, and her back will rest on your forearm.  Baby’s feet can tuck behind you.

The best breast feeding position 3


This is most convenient for sleeping. You lie on your side with pillows supporting your head and back. Line baby’s body up with yours, tummy to tummy with your nipple opposite her mouth.  She will nurse from the lower breast.

The best breast feeding position 2


Same as cradle, but hold him in the arm opposite the side you are feeding from.  Ensure he is at the level of the breast with his body turned toward you.

The best breast feeding position 4


This is a good position for older babies. It is similar to cradle, but baby lies in your cross-legged lap.


Breast Feeding Positions

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