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About Birthing


Birthing Magazine is published on a three times a year by Birth Unlimited. It is the number one source for relevant, current information about pregnancy, birth and parenting alternatives in Alberta.

Each issue of Birthing Magazine is packed with birth stories, research articles, news and events, resource information and much more. Content is selected to help educate and demonstrate a range of options in pregnancy birth and early parenting. Emphasis is on the family’s responsibility to fully inform themselves of all their options before providing consent.

For families, Birthing Magazine is an information source that connects them to the growing community of alternative maternal health care providers in Alberta.

Through its content and editorial philosophy, Birthing Magazine supports birth, breastfeeding and attachment parenting. It will not run advertising or editorial that does not comply with the World Health Organization’s code on the marketing of artificial infant milks.

Birthing Magazine asks and answers many questions. It encourages  us to question the status quo. It challenges us to take personal accountability for bringing a healthy baby into the world. It asks us to be informed about our choices. Birthing Magazine is for everyone. Most of all it is for you!


Birthing Magazine was born of the heart back in 1997. The goal has not changed since: to provide Calgary families with information about pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Our goal is to educate women on the unlimited birth options available to them. We emphasize alternatives for which information may not always be as easy to find, topics such as midwifery care, homebirth, full duration breastfeeding and attachment parenting.

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