Birthing Magazine was born of the heart back in 1997. Now, so many years later, the goal has not changed. We aim to provide Canadian families with information about pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Our goal is to educate women on the many birth options available to them. We emphasize alternatives for which information may not always be as easy to find, including topics such as midwifery care, homebirth, the normal course of breastfeeding and attachment parenting.

Over the years, the magazine has featured research articles from influential advocates of midwifery and homebirth. Many articles are produced locally using references to material published by internationally known birth supporters like:

Birthing Magazine has grown and changed over the years. It is now a highly professional publication that continues to be deeply rooted in its community. Giving voice to families throughout the childbearing years, Birthing Magazine seeks out a broad range of alternatives so that families can make informed and empowered choices.

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